Jake "DALLMYD" Koehler


An Angler, Freediver, Scuba Diver, Surfer, Artist, Treasure Hunter & YouTuber w/ 2,000,000+ Subscribers. He struggled to find a vest that would allow him to swim and scuba dive without being buoyant, that was until he discovered the Wingman.


 Tomasz Furmanek


Tomasz is an avid kayaker and adventure photographer from Norway. He kayaks to beautiful, remote places primarily in Norway and captures photos that inspire people all over the world to paddle and connect with nature. Tomasz loves the Wingman for paddling.


David Matterhorn


A fly fishing guide in Kenai, Alaska. He is an expert in his craft and knows the Kenai river like the back of his hand. At 6’6” he shows the wide range of our one-size-fits-all Wingman.


Andrew Siess


Andrew is a seasoned adventurer that embodies the Hyde mission to "Live Passionately and Adventure Frequently". He has paddled the Mississippi, biked from Minnesota to the the tip of South America and is the youngest person to ever walk around the world (seriously, 3 years, 17,000 miles, 24 countries).



We are always looking for ambassadors to represent the Hyde brand in the wild and help demonstrate our company motto to the world "Live Passionately & Adventure Frequently". If you excel in your field whatever that may be, avid outdoorsman/woman, surfer, kayaker, SUPer, sailor, angler etc., then we want to hear from you. Email us some photo's/video's of you doing whatever it is that you do well and we'll see if you might be a good fit for our brand ambassador program. If chosen, we'll provide you with free gear to help you on your adventures. Send all applications and inquiries to with Subject Line "Hyde Ambassador Program" and we'll respond shortly!

Get Out There!