The Wingman is currently unisex and one-size-fits-all with a defined chest size range of 30-50 inches for adults that weigh more than 90 lbs; adjustable straps run under the user's arms and provide each user with a custom and comfortable fit. It is currently available in three colors: Black, Red, and Tangerine. Hyde is developing a line of Wingman specific accessories such as waistpacks, chestpacks, hydration bladders, and surf shirts which will be publicly available in the near future.  




Features And Innovations


1 Hyde's Triple Bursting Zipper

Hyde's patented zipper technology bursts at 3 points and allows the Wingman to be the thinnest life jacket on the market at less than 1 cm on average; the zipper allows for effortless repacking, ensures the vest stays closed during activities, and opens instantly upon deployment

2 Over the Shoulder Ripcord

The Wingman is the only USCG approved inflatable with an over the shoulder ripcord which locates the CO2 cylinder on the center of the user's back, aligned with the spine, the ideal streamlined and out of the way spot for paddling, surfing, swimming, and other high performance activities

3 Backup Oral Inflation/Deflation Tube

The Wingman has an easy access oral tube for backup oral inflation; the tube is also used for deflation/repacking

4 Modular Pack System

The pack straps on the front act as quick connection points for Hyde chest packs, camera mounts, and other accessories

5 Flowthrough Channels

Strategically placed mesh accents ensure water flows through the vest keeping it light in and out of the water and fast through the water

6 Load Bearing Skeleton

The internal strap system distributes weight so that users can be lifted out of the water by the straps without rips or tears and all accessory pack loads are distributed evenly across the user's torso

7 Easy Adjust Straps

Hyde's one size fits all design comfortably fits chest sizes ranging from 30-50 inches using the easy-adjust strap configuration

8 CO2 Mounting Plate

Hyde's patented CO2 Mounting Plate keeps the inflator fixed in place and the inflator arm clear to guarantee an effortless deployment at the pull of the ripcord, this innovation makes the Wingman the first and only USCG approved inflatable to have the CO2 cylinder on the user's back, the ideal location for streamlined high performance activities

9 Hydration Sleeve

Each Wingman has a built in hydration sleeve designed to fit a variety of hydration bladders so that user's can insert a hydration bladder into the vest and no longer have to wear an inflatable beltpack and hydration pack

10 Hydration Channels

When using the Wingman with a hydration bladder, the shoulder channels keep the hydration hose in place and readily accessible

11 Zippered Pocket

The zippered pocket provides extra space for essentials like keys, phones, and snacks

12 Audio Ports

The Wingman has audio ports in the back allowing users to run headphone cords from the zippered pocket through the vest to prevent messy cords and tangles

13 Quick Arming Access Point

The Quick Arming Access Point allows users to access the inflator, status indicator, and CO2 cylinder through the vest without opening the zipper for quick arming checks

14 Tapered Profile

The tapered profile provides maximum range of motion for the should blades and under arm area


Compatible Accessories


Hyde Wingman Hydration Bladder Pack Inflatable Life Jacket
Hyde Wingman Chestpacks and Waistpacks Inflatable Life Jacket


Endless Applications