Hyde Wingman US Coast Guard Approval





we paddle, fish, swim, surf, sail and spend as much time on the water as possible. Some days we are competitive; racing paddleboards, kayaks, and triathlons, while other days we enjoy relaxing on the water tied up with friends and cold beers. No matter what activity the day holds, there was always one item hampering our fun, life jackets. We are required to buy them and carry them, but none of them actually suit our needs or our style. When it's race day we need a high performance inflation vest designed for speed that will help us perform our best and if it’s a booze cruise kind of day we need a comfortable life jacket that doesn’t interfere with our fun or cramp our style. The Wingman is the first inflatable life jacket designed for all of these activities and so much more; it’s designed for us, the watermen who live on the water. It's minimal and comfortable when you don’t need it and becomes the highest performance life jacket instantly when you do need it.


The Wingman can best be described as the Swiss Army Knife of life jackets. It is the best life jacket in the world for kayaking, fishing, SUP, sailing, and surfing due to it’s minimalist and comfortable fit. Though minimalist in form, the Wingman is Maximalist in function featuring an endless array of optional features and compatible accessories so you can customize it for your specific needs. Examples of accessories which the Hyde team is developing include the Surf Cover Vest which is worn over the Wingman for a more discreet look akin to the surf vests used by professional big wave surfers. Other examples include chest packs and waist packs which can be attached to the Wingman for paddling excursions or fishing trips. Finally, the Hyde team is developing the Wingman hydration bladder which fits seamlessly inside of the back of the vest so you no longer need to carry an inflatable belt-pack and a hydration pack.