Years worth of research, development, and testing culminated in the Wingman, the world’s thinnest and most versatile inflation vest and the first inflatable life jacket designed for high performance in water activities like surfing and swimming. The Wingman utilizes Hyde’s patented innovations to usher in a new era of water safety, where life jackets no longer inhibit performance and range of motion but rather enhance it. The Wingman allows users to push themselves and perform their best while knowing that safety is just one pull away, it’s more than a life jacket, it’s your Wingman.


1. Hyde Triple Bursting Zipper

Patented zipper technology that bursts at 3 points for smooth deployments, repacking, and an industry leading lay-flat profile. 

2. Over the Shoulder Ripcord

The only USCG approved inflatable with the CO2 cylinder on the user's back, the ideal location for high performance activities, easy ripcord access on the user's chest. 

3. Oral Inflation/Deflation Tube

Quick-access oral tube for oral inflation or fast deflation.

4. Modular Pack System

Pack straps act as quick connection points for Wingman compatible chest-packs, camera mounts, and accessories.

5. Flow Channels

Strategic mesh accents ensure water flows through the vest keeping it light and fast through the water. 

6. Load Bearing Skeleton

Internal strap system provides strength and distributes weight so that users can be lifted from the water by the straps. 

7. Zippered Pocket with Audio Port

The rear pocket provides space for essentials like keys, phones, and snacks and has an audio channel for headphone cords. 

8. Tapered Profile

Provides maximum range of motion in the shoulder and under arm areas. 

9. Hydration Sleeve and Hydration Channels

The Wingman has an internal sleeve to hold the 1.5L hydration bladder, the first inflation vest with hydration integration. 

10. CO2 Mounting Plate

Hyde's patented innovation mounts the inflator on the user's back, out of the way for surfing and swimming and the ideal location for high performance activities. 

11. EZ Adjust Straps 

EZ adjust underarm straps all for a custom and comfortable fit.

12. Quick-Arming Access Point

The access point allows users to access the inflator, status indicator, and CO2 cylinder without having to repack the vest.


  • Unisex
  • One-Size-Fits-Most (tested for chest sizes of 30"-50")
  • US Coast Guard Approved for adults weighing > 90 lbs
  • Color Options: Black, Red, Tangerine, Camo



Simply put, YES! Man or woman, big or small this is the life jacket for you. We tried every other life jacket out there and realized that they all shared the same flaws, existing inflatables, are awkward uncomfortable, loose fitting, and have the CO2 cylinder in the wrong place while foam life jackets are bulky and inherently buoyant.

We went out looking for a sleek USCG approved inflation vest that we could wear surfing or boating and found that there wasn't anything that met our needs or our expectations on the market, all of the life jackets in the store were basically the same.

Why? Because passing the USCG testing with innovative designs is really hard! As a result, life jacket companies have pumped out the same old tired designs year after year, added a few buckles and webbing and called it innovation. We thought that this was unacceptable, boaters and paddlers are required to buy life jackets to meet USCG carriage requirements, we are captive customers! If we are required to purchase a vest we should at least have innovative designs to choose from!

After years of work we are thrilled to introduce the Wingman, featuring patented innovations never before used in a USCG approved life jacket like our CO2 Mounting Plate, Triple Bursting Zipper and Over the Shoulder Ripcord. By reconfiguring the components of an inflatable life jacket, the Wingman not only looks different than any other vest but also performs differently as well. 

We've minimized the fit but maximized the performance and functionality, the Wingman is truly the multi-tool of water safety. No matter what water sport you love, the Wingman can enhance your experience, comfort, performance, and safety on the water. 

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"One of the coolest and most innovative life jacket I've ever seen!"

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