Update 1: Ironman Training

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Time for a training update, it’s been a few weeks since I signed up for the Ironman and wrote my first post about it, so what have I been up to?

In my mind I’ve been training pretty diligently and feel good but here are the numbers for you to decide:

2/17/17 – 5 mile run, 13 mile bike

2/18/17 – 24 mile bike, 6 mile run

2/19/17 – 15 mile bike

2/21/17 – 3 mile run

3/3/17 - 7.5 mile run

3/5/17 – 4 mile run

3/6/17 – 3.5 mile run

3/20/17 – 8 mile run

3/22/17 – 1 mile swim

3/24/17 – 30 mile bike, 6 mile run

3/26/17 – 7 mile run

3/27/17 – 1 hour bike ride (trainer)

3/28/17 – 4 mile run

3/31/17 – 5 mile run

4/1/7 – 45 mile bike, 11.5 mile run

There are a few big gaps in there between dates, like weeks off at a time which isn’t ideal but overall I feel good about the progress made and the mileage at this stage of the game. I’ve been heavy on the running and light on biking and swimming, mainly due to the fact that by the time I’m done working for the day it’s late and there hasn’t been enough daylight left to bike or time to get to the pool. Moving forward I’m going to try and balance the workouts more and to incorporate more biking and swimming.

I’m not on an official training program yet, I know that I should be but my life is really chaotic right now so I’m not sure how well I’d be able to stick to it anyway. There are ridiculously busy days when I can’t work out at all and then there are some free days when I can go out for long workouts. I decided when I started this that I would incorporate my training into my life rather than basing my whole life around training so I go out for workouts when I’m free and don’t stress if I can’t get a workout in that day. The workouts have also been a great form of stress relief so I’m glad that I’ve started this journey and look forward to logging many more miles moving forward.

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See you out there!


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