The Best Life Jacket for Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding

It’s that time of year again, the ice has moved off the lakes leaving nothing but pristine water to be explored. In anticipation for this season’s adventures you lay out all your gear and come to the realization, it’s time for a new life jacket, but what vest should you buy?

If it’s comfort, minimalism, style and practical optional features you’re looking for then look no further than the Wingman. What makes the Wingman Best in Class for kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, and other watersports?

  1. Low Profile Ergonomic Fit - At less than 1 cm of thickness on average, the Wingman is the industry leader in low profile high performance fit for USCG approved life jackets. The adjustable under arm straps enable users to get a custom and comfortable fit.
  2. No Two Stage Donning Required - A huge advantage of the Wingman over inflatable beltpacks and waistpacks is the fact that you simply need to pull the ripcord and the Wingman instantly floats you to safety and turns you face up. Inflatable waistpacks require users to not only inflate the bladder but also then wrangle the bladder and fasten it around their neck, these additional steps can be difficult and even impossible in some emergency situations. Speed and ease of use can be the difference between life or death and the Wingman is second to none in both categories.
  3. Streamlined CO2 Cylinder on the Back - Another innovation that sets the Wingman apart from any other collar style inflatable life vest on the market is the location of the CO2 cylinder on the user’s back aligned with the spine, the ideal location for high performance watersports. Other inflatables have the CO2 cylinder on the chest which gets in the way for paddling, fishing, surfing, and many other activities. To alleviate this, Hyde developed the patented CO2 mounting plate and located the cylinder on the user's back between the shoulder blades. This ensures it doesn’t inhibit the arms when paddling, the cast when fishing, or press against the board when surfing. The CO2 is high on the user’s back to ensure it doesn’t interfere with kayak seats.  
  4. Hydration Sleeve - The Wingman is the only US Coast Guard approved inflatable life jacket with a built in hydration sleeve allowing you to insert a hydration bladder into the vest. The days of wearing a life jacket and a hydration pack are over! The Wingman also has channels on the shoulders to keep your hydration hose locked in place and easily accessible.
  5. Triple Bursting Zipper - Hyde’s patented zipper technology automatically opens at three points upon inflation which allows the bladder to escape the vest and float you to safety. Repacking the vest with the triple bursting zipper is effortless and can be done in minutes.
  6. Modular Pack System - The horizontal pack straps allow users to attach chest packs and other accessories like phone cases and camera mounts.
  7. Effortless Repacking - The Triple Bursting Zipper ensures the Wingman is repacked perfectly every time, users simply deflate the bladder, fold it up and re-zip the vest. User’s can be ready go again in minutes.
  8. One Size Fit’s All - The Wingman is US Coast Guard approved for chest sizes of 30-50 inches and has been tested to fit body types of all different shapes and sizes. The underarm straps allow users to get a comfortable and custom fit.

The Wingman is available for sale now and is a great gift for loved ones who don’t wear their life jacket. The best life jacket is the life jacket that you’ll actually wear so get your Wingman today! Available Here!

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